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Proactive life insurance

Putting the power of choice in your hands.

With a robust economy, strong education system, diverse multiculturalism and stunning natural vistas, Canada is considered to be one of the best places in the world to live. And thanks to the availability of free health care, we are also living longer than ever before, with life expectancy now at 82 years.[1] But the country has high rates for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness and cardiovascular issues.[2]

The risk of disease onset can often be reduced through lifestyle choices, but the challenge lies in motivating changes in behaviour. However, there’s an emerging trend in Canada that is helping to prompt a more proactive approach to healthy living. This relatively new concept lets you earn rewards for the positive health and wellness choices you make. 

Change with a “nudge”

Making healthy choices takes effort. Do you pick the donut or the salad? Do you watch another hour of TV or go for a run? Imagine the motivation if the choices you make can earn you a gift card or a travel discount.

This is the world of behavioural insurance – a new kind of life insurance that is taking on the challenge of prompting people to make better choices. This practical method of motivation encourages policyholders, regardless of health status, to take steps to become aware of, monitor and manage health risks. 

The impact of behavioural insurance In just one year … (replace with graphic)  11% of members with heightened body mass index improved their BMI reading to in-range   31% of members with heightened systolic blood pressure improved their readings to in-range   26% of those with heightened fasting glucose values improved their readings to in-range   21% of members with heightened total cholesterol improved their cholesterol levels  Source: Manulife Vitality Program member data as of February 28, 2021.


Through everyday activities, you have the opportunity to earn rewards, with the added incentive that your lifestyle choices could influence the insurance premiums you pay. By improving your health, you can reduce your risk, which can decrease how much you pay for life insurance. 

Some programs provide free wearables and reward you for completing activities, including medical and dental checkups, as well as getting flu shots. Earning points that can add up to insurance premium savings can be fun and relatively easy with a variety of everyday activities, such as walking the dog, going to the gym, hiking and meditating. 

Need some inspiration? Keep reading to learn about how others are making positive changes.[3]

It’s all about balance

Sukhminder, a busy father of two and lawyer, knew he was overweight but kept putting exercise on the back burner. His wake-up call came when his mom required heart surgery. “I knew that if I didn’t make drastic changes to my life, I was going to be in the exact same position,” he said.

Sukhminder decided to make his health a priority and began a routine of running, yoga and meditation. “It’s a radical change from who I used to be. One of the comments I always get is, You look 10 years younger.”

Hear more of Sukhminder’s story here.

No more excuses

Kiran has always been into keeping fit but found her workout routines were becoming boring. She needed a challenge and found it. Using a wellness app, Kiran was able to set a goal and easily track her weekly progress.

“It’s so rewarding to see yourself achieve the goals that you set in the beginning of the year. That to me is priceless,” she said.

Learn more about Kiran’s story here.

Small changes can add up to big improvements in your overall well-being. With an insurance program that offers a variety of ways – and perks – to improve your health, it’s easy to achieve your goals. If you’re looking for that little extra nudge towards becoming a healthier, happier you, or want to save money while you work on enhancing your physical and mental health, talk to your advisor to learn more. 



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