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Puzzle page

Take a mental break with these brain booster puzzles.

Block party

Study the different views of the block, and draw what should appear on the face that has a question mark.

Block 1: sideways T on top, sideways S on side, sideways C on front. Block 2: sideways K on top, sideways T on side, right side up R on front. Block 3: sideways S on top, sideways K on side, sideways A on front.  Block 4: right side up C on top, upside down A on side, question mark on front.

In the balance

Scales 1, 2, and 3 are perfectly balanced. Determine how many triangles it takes to balance scale 4.

Scale 1 has 6 triangles on left and 3 circles on right. Scale 2 has 3 squares on left and 2 circles on right. Scale 3 has 1 square on left and 4 diamonds on right. Scale 4 has 3 diamonds on left and nothing on right.


Block party

Upside down R

In the balance

One triangle. Scale 1 shows that six triangles equal three circles, so two triangles equal one circle and four triangles equal two circles. Since scale 2 shows that two circles equal three squares, four triangles equal three squares. Scale 3 shows the one square equals four diamonds, so three squares equal twelve diamonds. On triangle, then, equals three diamonds, and would balance scale 4.

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